Where you are born matters, but…

Where we are born has a huge impact on our future.
And the quality of our lives.

Those born in the West have a much better quality of life, and prospects, than those born elsewhere.
This is generalising of course, but by and large this is the truth for a huge portion of the population.
The majority in fact.

Warren Buffet, the legendary investor, is very clued on to this fact.
He knows that if he was born in a developing country, for instance, his future might have been very, very different.
This is where Warren Buffets’ ovarian lottery concept comes from.

And that’s just the reality.
But there’s a caveat.

Luck does play a part – the life we have isn’t entirely within our control.
But that does not mean we have no control.
We CAN do something – we can do our best.

We don’t have control over where we are born or most of the early part of our lives, but we do have the ability to change our future.
But only when we do something about it.

That is what sets the people at the top apart from the rest.
That’s how the people who make a dent in the universe do so.

If you are not where you want to be, do something about it.
Do whatever you can do.
Just start.

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