Why journaling is a good habit to adopt

Journaling is a great practice, and a really useful habit to adopt.

It helps you get clarity.
It helps you understand yourself better.
It promotes better mental health.
And more…

When you’re journaling your thoughts and feelings, you often gain clarity. You can see them – your thoughts and emotions – better and more clearly.

Journaling gives a reference point, as well as an effective feedback mechanism, as you can sound yourself out and question the validity of things. That’s not very easy to do when you don’t even question the crap that often goes on in your head. So when you write things down, you can often see them for what they really are (and sort out the nonsense from the valid points).

Journaling can act as an outlet. Might not be as effective an outlet as talking to someone, but if you’re going through something that you’re not comfortable disclosing then it is useful to have an outlet where you don’t have to worry about others finding out, or worry about being judged. Bottling up emotions often becomes a pattern of negative mental health habits, and lead to things getting worse – journaling can help with that.

Journaling can be a great tool for assessing your emotions, and a great way to examine your thoughts and feelings later, when you’re more objective. If you have anger or anxiety issues, this can be valuable.

Journaling can be really useful as a resource if/when you get professional help with mental health issues, as your journal can be an invaluable source of insights and information.

Journaling has many benefits.
But the most important ones that you really need to keep in mind are these two: It helps get shit out of your system, &
It helps you better process things.

Take care of yourself.
Start keeping a journal.

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