Why traveling is good for you

I love to travel.
The new destinations, new cultures, new food… all that new and interesting to explore is interesting, exciting, and fun.

But travel isn’t just good for for the novelty and the excitement, it’s also good for your mind.

The novel experiences that you gain from reveling create new neural connections in your brain.
That, in turn, promotes the brain’s neuroplasticity and helps it stay strong, and grow.
This is essential if you want to have a healthy brain as you grow older.
Great also for reducing the probability of suffering from neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s.

The stimulation is also good for promoting mental strength.
Part of traveling involves dealing with unforeseen circumstances, often challenging ones.
Dealing with them teaches you to be more resilient and strong.

It is also great for your self esteem, and confidence.
And for self awareness.

Travel can help you become more mindful, which can help you become happier.
It can help you become more open minded, through the new experiences you have.

It can also help you become more considerate, compassionate, and kind.

There are lots of good reasons to travel.
What’s yours?

Published by M Salek

A peak performance & business strategist, Salek is the author of two business books, an award-winning Photographer, and the founder of PeakMx, a peak performance training and consultancy firm focused on helping businesses and individuals unlock their potential.

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