Why worrying is a waste of time

Yesterday’s history.
Tomorrow’s a mystery.
Today is a gift.

That’s one of my all time favourite quotes about mindfulness.

Here’s the thing about worrying: the lion’s share of our worries are based on things that will happen, or has happened.
The future.
Or the past.

Here’s the challenge with worrying about the past: when you’re worrying and stressing about things that happened already, you are stressing about something that’s done and dusted.
No amount of worrying about it will change what’s happened.
It’s finished.
So the best thing you can do is move on, and learn from it.
Think – will spending time worrying about what’s happened change it?

Then comes your worries about the future: the future is unknown, it’s called “future” for a reason.
For all you know, you might be dead by the time the thing you are worrying about comes to pass!
Ok, more realistically, worrying about the future won’t make any difference to the outcome.
The better option is to have a plan, and do your best.
After all, that really is all you can do.

Worrying about the past or the future gets you nowhere, so why waste your time and energy?

Life is short, and your time and energy are precious resources, so make the most of them.
Make the most of now, because really, now is all we all have.

P.S. Let’s see if you can tell who that quote is from (first section). Here’s a hint 🐼

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