Your biggest enemy

Can you guess who your biggest enemy is?
The well-wisher who often harms you in the name of helping you?
The one who gets in your way a lot?
The one who holds you back the most?

It’s you.
To be more specific, it’s your subconscious mind.

Here’s the thing: your subconscious mind, in an attempt to keep you safe, uses excuses to prevent you from doing the things you need to do.
And it does that, a lot.
And often very effectively.

Excuses are really useful.
They are useful to justify why you can’t do certain things.
Why you can’t progress.
Why you can’t have the life of our dreams. Excuses make it easy to avoid responsibility.

Let’s face it, taking responsibility is hard.
When you take responsibility, you need to make decisions, and often that involves getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there.

When you take responsibility, you have no one else to blame.
Life is easy when you have others to blame for the crap in your life.

However, you do have a choice, a way out so to speak.
Only because this is how things are does not mean it is how they have to be.
Your status quo does not need to be your norm forever.

The choice you will need to make won’t be easy, or comfortable, but it will get you on the path to progress.
Here’s the choice (your way out): take responsibility for your own destiny.

Your only limit is your mind.
So get out of your own way.

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