Your perceptions matter more than you think

Your perception colours your experience.
Every. Single. Time.

What makes an experience or ordeal “bad” isn’t the experience itself, but rather your perception of it.
The same goes for “good” experiences.

If you think about an event as good, than it is good.
Likewise, of you think of an event as bad, that’s exactly how your mind will perceive it.

Your perception impacts everything.

This is why the exact same event can be viewed as good, or bad, by different people.
This is why why the same thing is good to some, and bad to others.
It’s all down to your perception.

Now here’s the challenge is negative perceptions:
When you attach the “bad” label to something, that gets defined as a threat by your brain. So rather than improving your life, making you stronger and learning from it, your brain will do everything to keep you away from it, and create triggers and defence mechanisms to prevent such events from occurring in the future.

Here’s the irony:
All that sort of behaviour does is the opposite of improving your life or keeping you safe – it will end up keeping you stuck.
It stops you from attempting and persuing things in case another “bad” event happened.
It results in you living in fear.

That’s no way to live.

It’s important to understand that nothing is inherently good or bad.
And the best thing you can do when you do experience something challenging, is learn from it.
That’s the only way when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonades.

Facing and dealing with challenges is the only way to have a great life.
That is the only way you will grow.
That’s the only way you will get better, and stronger.
The only way you will unlock your potential.

Choose wisely.
Be mindful of your perceptions.

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