5 reasons why phone addiction is a very real problem

Phone addiction is a real thing.
A very real problem.

People get so hooked to their phones that some actually experience withdrawal symptoms, even panic attacks, when they are away from their phones!

That’s a problem. Here are 5 reasons why:
It drains your time and energy, both of which can (and should be) used on bigger, better things.
It damages your ability to really connect with others.
It makes you more judgemental.
It makes you more dependant on others’ validation, which adversely impacts your mental health and happiness levels.
It detrimentally impacts your focus.

Getting hooked to your phone is usually indicative of bigger issues.
Maybe it is that you are using phones to distract you from your troubles.
Or that there isn’t enough to keep you stimulated.
Or maybe it’s something else that you are hiding or distracting yourself from.

Often though, it’s because you lack purpose.
When you are clear on what your purpose in life is, distractions don’t have any opportunity to become addictions.

Phones are incredible tools.
Use them as such.
Use them to learn, and grow, and keep moving forward.
But don’t become slaves to them.

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