Challenge your beliefs

What you believe to be true, and what actually is true, aren’t always one and the same.

What you believe to be true is basically your perspective.
Think about it like this: someone who has worn red tinted glasses their whole life only believes everything to be red tinged. Their world is red – that is their reality. They don’t know any different.
Unless someone points out their tinted glasses and how that’s colouring their world view, they won’t know the difference between their reality and the actual one.

The same applies to everyone.
You won’t know you’re wearing tinted glasses until you open your mind and broaden your horizon.
Until you open yourself up to the possibility that you might be wrong.

It is smart to question your thoughts and beliefs.
Helps you grow, and notice the flawed and outdated beliefs and ideas.

Question your beliefs, and thoughts.
Are they really valid?
What proof do you have of their accuracy and validity?
What do you believe to be true that might not actually be true?

Open your mind.
Question your beliefs.
That’s an essential for growth.

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