Change is natural, the way we refuse to keep up is not

Things change.
What was normal or even standard before isn’t the norm or standard after a bit.
Often that “bit” can be as fast as days! Overnight what you understood all your life as the norm and standard may turn on its head.
That’s the nature of life.
Things always change.
The change usually isn’t as obvious as a meteor hitting the planet.
They are usually subtle and in the background.
You might not notice it until you do.
Things change.
What usually doesn’t though is our old thought processes.
That lags behind, and takes time to catch up.
What we believe to be the norm, the standard massively defines our comfort zone.
It colours the way we do things and see the world.
So if all your life the world was red and then overnight it turns green, sticking by your old belief system is not just irrational, it is also dumb. Because you saying the world is red when it is not does not make it so. All it does is hold you back.
The world is constantly evolving. Changing.
What used to be the norm doesn’t stay the norm.
When you recognise that, you can work towards modifying the way you think and do things. You can work towards evolving too.
You of course have the option of not doing that.
You can refuse to accept the state of things, you can rant and rave and complain about how things are not the same anymore. But that is only going to impact one person detrimentally – you.
It is going to hold you back.
Change is unavoidable.
Change is natural.
Things always change.
You can either adapt and evolve.
Or you become obsolete.
The choice is yours.

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