Cosmos, and the importance of perspective

I was reading Carl Sagan’s Cosmos recently, and it was a great reminder about how inconsequential things really are in the grand scheme of things.
The universe is vast.
The earth is like a speck, in a speck, in the cosmos.

We get swept up by everyday things, all the time.
Small things that tend to take up all of our mental space and energy.
Things that seem huge not because they actually are, but because we lack perspective.

Very few things will seem worrying when you understand the big picture.
When you get perspective.
When you stop yourself and properly assess if what you’re worrying yourself to death over is really worth that amount of stress and anxiety.

So next time you feel really stressed, try this: rather than acting on autopilot and worrying yourself to death, take a moment.
Give yourself space to think.

Learn to assess your thoughts.
Get perspective.

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