Different standard for ourselves vs. everyone else

We usually have a different standard for how we treat others, and ourselves.
We use a different measuring stick.

The standard by which we judge ourselves are, more often than not, stricter.
Often, we treat others with more kindness and understanding than we do ourselves.
Often we are far less critical of others than we are of ourselves.

This is exactly why if a friend has a problem, is in a mess, we sympathise. We tell them it’s ok, tell them not to blame themselves.
But if/when we do the very same thing, there’s a lot of chastisement and blaming, and questioning of ability and self worth.

The very same mistake that’d cause anger when made by us would elicit compassion and understanding when done by a friend, or even a stranger.
There’s a reason why we feel sad and concerned when someone stumbles and falls, but curse ourselves when we stumble and fall. The activity didn’t change – it’s exactly the same thing (a stumble) – the only factor that changed was the person doing it.

We are far harder on ourselves than we are with everyone else.
We treat ourselves far more harshly.
We often are more critical of ourselves than of others.

For the very same thing we blame ourselves, but sympathise with others.

It’s time to seek balance.
Because you are far better than you usually give yourself credit for.

Self compassion is necessary.
It is important.
Be kind to yourself.

Especially today.


PS. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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