GPP EP # 28: What a Mosquito Bite Can Teach You About Dealing With Your Past

Turns out a mosquito bite can teach you something very valuable about life, namely about dealing with your past.

Find out more about it in today’s episode.

Listen here.

What you will learn:

  • What a mosquito bite can teach you about your past experiences

  • How you might be deliberately choosing unhappiness

  • What happens when you focus on negative memories

  • What does not change no matter how hard you try

  • What our perspective has to do with our experiences, and which perspective leads to a better life

  • What you can do about negative experiences you can’t put a positive spin on

  • What our focus has in common with a parking space

  • Why you need to let bygones be bygones

  • What you need to do to move forward and create a good life

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Topics: Negativity, Positivity, Positive thinking, Negative thinking, Mindset, Growth mindset, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Mental health, Self care, Self help, Self awareness, Personal development, Personal growth

Listen here.

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