Here’s what to do to deal with distractions

It is important to prioritise.
Very very important.
Because it’s ready to get distracted.

Every day is full of hundreds (if not thousands) of big and small things that demand our attention.
But not all of them are important.

Not all of these things that demand our attention actually help us improve our lives.
Or make the lives of those around us and those we care for better.
Or make the world a better place.
Or even help us make progress and get closer to our goals.

No, most of these hundreds and thousands of tasks are just mundane stuff – often stuff that actually results in no benefit whatsoever.

Most of the things we do every day, we usually do just for the sake of doing them.
Maybe because it’s just part of living in a society.
Or because we feel obligated.
Or one of the many many other reasons.

This is where having priorities helps.
This is where prioritising makes a difference.

Priorities help us focus on what’s important, to help you deal with those important things rather than getting bogged down with everything else.

Priorities help us make informed choices.
Choices with the best outcomes and potential.
Choices that will help us get closer to your goals and dreams and ambitions.
Choices that will help us make a difference, and have a positive impact.

Everyone has the potential for greatness in them, and prioritising is an important first step in that journey.
Because until you prioritise, you’ll keep getting bogged down with everything else, and never have the time or the energy to do the things you really need to do, and focus on.

So… prioritise.

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