How elusive is talent?

Talent seems like an incredibly elusive thing at times.
Sometimes it seems like some people have all the talent in the world, while the rest don’t have any. Right?
Because that’s not correct.
Talent isn’t an elusive thing that only some people have – everyone has it in them, just takes work to bring it out.
Here are some things to understand about talent:
Talent, or the understanding of the concept anyway, is subjective.
Talent is ever present – everyone has some talent.
Talent can be cultivated – practice makes a big difference.
Let me elaborate.
Talent is subjective.
Often a talent is so natural, that the person with the talent doesn’t even consider it one.
To them it’s just like breathing.
To them, it’s not really a talent, even though others may consider it one.
That’s, of course, the best scenario.
The thing to realise in this case is that what you think of talent, others might not think of as talent, and vice versa.
So don’t get hung up on perceptions and definitions.
Talent is ever present.
Every single person has some talent or another.
It just takes work to bring it out.
Work, and trying different things.
Talent can be cultivated.
Have you come across the video of the chef who dices onions like he was a machine? Or the window cleaner who cleans and wipes windows in seconds, and using one continuous motion? They are so good at what they do it almost seems unreal.
Those people weren’t born with those skills, or talents.
I doubt they even thought that they’d be so skilled in their professions.
They acquired those talents through practice.
Takes hundreds of hours of practice to get to that level of expertise, or talent.
Here’s the thing to note and understand: talent isn’t a natural ability that some people have and others don’t.
It’s not a zero sum phenomenon.
Everyone can be talented.
But only if they put in the effort.
If you want to be talented, put in the work.

Zero effort = zero talent

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