How important is mental strength?

Physical strength alone does not make someone strong.
Mental strength is also important.
In fact, without mental strength it doesn’t matter how physically strong someone is, he or she will always be weak.
The strength of our mind is vital.
It defines who we are.
It determines how we act, and react.
It decides our habits, rituals and routines.
The people who achieve the impossible are people who are mentally strong.
Because without the strength of mind they never would have been able to overcome the incredible challenges – and setbacks – one has to overcome to achieve the impossible.
It is often disregarded, the strength of mind, and all focus goes into training the body or the skill.
But that’s a flawed strategy.
It’s like building a chair with three legs – it might stand for a bit, but put any sort of pressure on it and the chair will fall over.
When your mind is weak, you crumble under pressure.
Challenges become incredibly hard to overcome.
Setbacks become nigh near impossible to get back from.
Life becomes a constant struggle.
Mental strength isn’t just important, it’s necessary.
So… strengthen your mind.

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