How to be immortal

I’m not talking physically, because that hasn’t happened yet (but hopefully soon…).
No, I’m talking about impact – the impact you have, and living on through your deeds.
Think about people like Archimedes, Alexander, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale.

These people have been deceased for a long time, but they still live on through their deeds.

What they did, their work etc, was their legacy.

Their legacy has made them immortal.

It’s not easy, having impact on that scale.

But I do believe it is within everyone to effect that level of change, to create that sort impact, to change the world that much.

Will you be able to do it?

No one will know until it happens.

But if nothing else, it will be hell of a journey.

Go after your incredible goals.

Don’t let them intimidate you.

Let their scale enliven and encourage you.

Use that as a motivator.

Work to be immortal.

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