How to deal with life’s injustices

Life is full of challenges.
Everyday there are things that don’t go your way, or as you had planned, or as you would have liked.
Shit happens.
Stupidity is rife.
If we paid attention to every little injustice, there won’t be enough time in the day to do anything else!
Life isn’t fair.
The universe isn’t just.
The sooner you realise that, the sooner you can start focusing your resources in the right direction.
Time flies.
Life is short.
Our energy, and willpower, is finite.
You can either get bogged down by every big and little thing that goes wrong.
You can pick fights with every idiot that crosses your path.
Or, you can pick your fights, and decide when it’s just not worth it.
You can let circumstances dictate your decisions.
Or, you can take charge of your decisions.
Be conscious of that because if you don’t decide, the decision will be made for you.
Your time and energy are valuable and finite resources.
Use them wisely.

Pick your battles.

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