How you react to your fears matter

Fear itself is not inherently good or bad.
How we react to the fear is what defines its impact on our lives.

Fear, in fact, can be good.
As long as you know it’s purpose.
As long as you know how to use and harness it.

Fear is demonised a lot these days as this bad thing that causes people to fail.
But here’s the thing: we developed the fear mechanism for good reasons.
And this is the most important one > fear keeps us alive.

The problem with our fear mechanism is that we let it overpower and colour too many things in life.
We overuse it.

Fear itself isn’t bad or unproductive.
How we react to it is.

Here’s one way to change that and deal with fear more productively:
Next time you feel fear, don’t just opt for your first, automated response.
Take a moment, assess if the situation really is something to be scared of, and only then decide on your best course of action.
Think, rather than act on your fear without thinking.

You can only get better at dealing with your fears by facing the things you fear.

That can only happen when you think before you give in to your automated base reactions.
And when you realise that your first (automated) response is not always the best response.

Your reactions determine your quality of life.
And your future.
So think before you act.

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