It is only the end if you believe it is

Some time ago I was reading James Altucher’s Reinvent Yourself where he made an interesting point about choices: that you always have 2 choices – be anxious, or find joy in the situation in front of you.

Really good point.

Most people automatically assume that in a “stressful” situation feeling “anxiety” is the only option.
That it’s the only valid, reasonable and available emotion.

But that’s not actually true.

In every situation, you do have a choice.
You can opt for the normal, automatic reaction.
Or, you can do the opposite.

You can choose to be anxious.
Or you can choose to feel other emotions, namely happiness or excitement.
Like James pointed out, there are actually things to be happy about in every situation.

This is not just someone’s opinion by the way, this phenomenon has solid scientific evidence to back it up – just think about the fight or flight response.
In every life instance and experience you have choices – you can either fight, or take flight.

The reality is, it is only the end if you believe it is.

Life is short.
Why waste it on worrying about things?
Isn’t it better to find joy and happiness and enjoy the things you can?

Even in unpleasant situations there are things to be grateful for.
It’s all a matter of perspective.

Focus on the good.
Life is short, so you might as well enjoy the good things rather than focusing on the bad.

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