Listen more talk less, and don’t talk over others

Be wary of people who always talk over others.
These are usually the loudest people.
Often these are people who are the life of the party.
They are loud.
And they only want to hear their own voice.
In psychology there’s a classifier for people like these: narcissists.
They might sometimes act like they are open to hearing thoughts and ideas others may have, but it’s quickly disproved by their “talent” at always bringing back the focus on themselves.
They love the attention.
The crave it.
They live for it.
This is not a blanket rule however – not everyone who is loud falls into this category.
Neither do all extroverts.
Disregarding everyone’s thoughts, ideas and opinions, disregarding everyone but your own voice, isn’t a sign of intelligence.
Quite the opposite.
Talking over others is not just rude, it is also stupid. Because only by really listening can you learn.
Realise that there is always room for improvement.
That you do not know EVERYTHING (because that’s impossible).
That there’s an opportunity to learn from everyone.
So listen.
Listen more than you speak.
Listen with an open mind.
Listen even if you disagree, because you might learn something.
And also because they are entitled to their views and opinions as much as you are to yours.
Make smart choices.
Think for yourself ✌️

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