Money is important, but it isn’t everything

Money is a very important facilitator of life.
Having it enables us to do the things we need and want to do.
Having it makes sure that we have the essentials like food, shelter, water etc.
Having it facilities our ability to help others and make a difference.

Not having money, on the other hand, is one of the biggest causes of stress.
So it is definitely useful, and important, to have money.

But money becomes a cause for concern when it becomes the most important thing.
The pursuit of money is one of the biggest causes of crime.
The pursuit of money is also what causes some businesses and people to cut corners, even at the expense of other people’s welfare, and lives.

Money in itself is neither good nor bad. In the same way a knife in itself is neither.
It’s just a tool.
The good or bad part depends on the user.

This is exactly why some people do a lot of good with their money (think Warren Buffet and Bill Gates).
While others ruin lives because of it (think Bernard Madoff).

Making money and amassing wealth should never come at the cost of harming others.
There is a better way.
You can do better.

Money is a very important, and useful, tool.
But it isn’t everything.

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