New year, old you?

New year, new you.
A very common messaging for this time of the year.
But not necessarily a good one.
I don’t like the concept of “new” you.
It sends the wrong message (implies there’s something wrong with the “current” and “old” you).
It creates unrealistic expectations (puts this huge pressure on you to completely change who you are).
Moreover, it’s unnecessary (your “old” you is pretty good).
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the old you.
The old you survived until now.
If not thrived.
The old you learned useful lessons, and accumulated a lifetime of experiences.
Gained insights that help you to survive, and thrive.
Accumulated knowledge that helps you keep moving forward no matter what, and helps you make a life for yourself.
These lessons, insights, and experiences are of great value.
So why on earth would you need a “new” you?
You wouldn’t be who you are without the “old” you.
The old you isn’t bad.
It doesn’t need to be replaced or gotten rid of.
You don’t need a “new” you.
What you can do, though, is get better.
Life is about growth.
Aiming for growth, and improvement, is a much better goal than a complete overhaul.
Trying to be better is a great goal to have, and it capitalises on the valuable knowledge and experiences you’ve already gained.
So rather than a “new” you, aim for a “better” you.
That’s ultimately the more practical, and achievable, goal.
Not to mention better.
Aiming for better makes your life easier.
And ultimately, improves your life.
So on this first day of the new year, aim for “better” (and not “new”).
Here’s to a better you in 2020.
And an incredible new year.
I am excited for you.

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