Our perspectives colour everything in our lives

Most, if not every experience of our lives, are determined by our perspective.
If we view something as good, it’s good, and we experience it as good.
If we view something as bad, however, it’s bad and we experience it as bad.

Good or bad is a matter of perspective.
It’s hardly ever set in stone.
That’s why what’s viewed as bad by one person, isn’t viewed as bad by everyone.
And vice versa.
That’s why some people run into the rain, while others run away from it.

So a subtle shift is all it takes to alter our experiences, and our lives.
All it takes is a change of perspective.

When we alter how we perceive things, it alters how we feel about it, and continues a domino effect.
That’s why a lot of people suddenly become really positive and upbeat after near death experiences, because they suddenly have a different perspective towards life. Things around them don’t change, what changes is how they view them.

Don’t wait to you have a cliff edge experience though.
It is easier to have a better life when you make a conscious decision to alter your perspective.

Notice how you perceive things. Then assess them.
If they are helping you in your life and making you happier, better, etc – continue with them.
But if they are getting in your way to really have a good life, be happy, move forward etc – then it’s time to rethink them.

How we perceive things impacts how we experience and live our lives.
So if your life isn’t what you would like it to be, your perspectives need changing.

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