Questions are great, and not to be feared

Asking questions is a very important, and useful, skill to have.

Questions provide clarity.
They simplify things.
They demystify things.
They facilitate things.

Questions are incredibly useful tools in our communication arsenal.
Questions are great.

However, most people are scared of asking questions.
Maybe because they think it’ll make them look stupid.
Or maybe because they think think it’ll waste time.
Or, often, just because they don’t want to stand out, or stir the pot.

But none of those factors really compare to the benefits of asking the questions you need to, and want to, ask.
In the short term it might be uncomfortable, but worth it for the long term benefits.

Questions help us learn.
And grow.
And improve.
And much more.
Questions are great.

So don’t be one of them – people who don’t ask questions or shy away from them.
Especially if you want to do big things.

Here’s another reason why you absolutely should ask questions – doing big, spectacular things often require having information not everyone has, and that usually involves asking the right questions. If you don’t ask questions, you don’t get the information.

Questions have many benefits.
Questions are great, and not to be feared.

In fact, ask the right questions, and you can open doors no one even thinks exists!

So start asking questions.

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