Realism is not the absence of hope

Dreaming big is not the norm.
Big goals and moonshots aren’t the usual way of thinking.
Most people don’t even dream about things they want to and can achieve, let alone dream big.
Most of the time we get too embroiled and involved and even obsessed with paying the bills, and let go of all our dreams and goals and ambitions.
This is one of the reasons why too many people find themselves in dead end jobs, doing things they thought they’d only be doing for a short while.
Somewhere along the way though they lost touch with their goals and dreams and ambitions, and became complacent.
Achieving big things takes concentrated effort. It takes consistency, passion, will, and lots of hard work.
And complacency is a big enemy of that.
What’s an ever bigger enemy, however, is not even thinking big enough in the first place.
Being realistic is great, and sensible, and prudent – but realism is not the absence of hope.
One can be realistic, and be optimistic at the same time.
If you have big dreams, don’t bury them because they are not realistic enough.
Here, in fact, is a roadmap you can try:
Figure out how you can achieve them, your big goals and dreams and ambitions – one step at a time.
Devise strategies to achieve them. Implement your strategies.
Course correct when you need to.
Rinse and repeat.
If you do that, the worst that can happen will still be far better than anything else you would have achieved otherwise. Because when you shoot for the moon and don’t reach it, you’ll still go further than you’d have ever otherwise.
Dream big.

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