Why I have not been around much (+ updates)

People have been asking me why I haven’t posted much in a while.

It’s a valid question – I’ve averaged about 1 blog post a month, if that, since the end of last year.

Here is the honest answer: life got in the way. I’ve been dealing with some big changes in my life recently, which has required (demanded) re-evaluation of my priorities. As much as I enjoy writing and posting on my blog, doing it daily has been a challenge, as there’s been other demands on my time and attention.

That said, I do plan to (and will) get back to that practice of publishing my daily meditations. But for now, the blogs will be less frequent. About once a week.

However, there are new things on the horizon…

  • My website has been revamped (what do you think of the new design?)
  • I am launching a podcast this March, so keep an eye out for that [Update: it’s out now. Check the podcast page for details]
  • I’ve recently published my two travelogues from last year – check out my books page for more details.
  • I am also working on something else, another book, to give away for free. It is a project I took on with the aim to help raise collective awareness, and empower and inspire personal growth (I am very excited about that).
  • And more.

Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all these, and other future happenings. That really is the best way to stay up to date, and keep in touch.

I sincerely hope you are having a great year so far. Here is to a great rest of the year. I look forward to growing together, for I am on a journey too.

All the best, fellow traveller!

My second book

My second book, Business Edge, is now out.

If you have your own business, this can be a very useful book for you.

I am not big on self promotion, but I genuinely believe this book can help entrepreneurs significantly grow and improve their business.

Check it out.

Business Edge

Month off grid

Being connected is great, but it’s also important to disconnect from time to time.
Helps us reconnect with ourselves.

So during my month of travel, I’ve decided to go off the grid – that means no internet for (nearly) a month.

Have an incredible March everyone.
Catch you guys in April.

Hello 2019!

New year’s day is a day of hope and renewal.A day to focus on the future, on what can happen, on what we can do.New year’s day is always a great day to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.To revamp the way we think, and act.It’s a great opportunity to rethink how we do things.New year’s resolutions are really popular for all these reasons.And they can be great tools.But only if we actually follow through.Let’s make 2019 an incredible year – one filled with new experiences, learnings and journeys.Let’s make this year a year or renewal.A year to adopt better ways of thinking.A year of impact.