What can you do better?

There’s always room for improvement.
No matter how good you are, there are always ways you can improve.
No matter how well you do something, there’s always the potential to do better.
No matter how well you deal with challenges, there’s always the possibility to deal with them better.
It’s just the nature of growth – life is always expanding.
It is ever growing, and ever changing.
If you want to be the best, you need to find ways to keep getting better.
You need to find ways to keep growing.
You need to find ways to keep improving.
Because the alternative is becoming stagnant, outmoded, outdated, and even irrelevant.
Growth is an essential (and usually unavoidable) part of life.
So keep growing.

What to do if you want the best results

Your results are directly proportional to your efforts.
What you get is always going to be a reflection of what you put in.
So if you put in your best effort, you are best positioned to get the best results.
Conversely, if you put in just the bare minimum effort, you’ll get the bare minimum results.
The rule is nearly always universal:
Good effort in, good results out.
Bad efforts in, bad results out.
So if you want to be in a position to get the best results, the best outcome, you know what to do…
Do your best to get the best results.

Embracing your inner artist, and what it means

Being an artist is not just about painting, or singing, or something similar.
Everyone can be an artist.

Being an artist is about understanding that art isn’t just about painting or music, but that anyone who embraces their truth and puts their work out there is an artist.

It’s about being true to yourself.
It’s about honesty and integrity.
It’s about standing up for what you believe in.

Being an artist is about putting what you believe in, and your truth, out there.
It’s about being open and vulnerable.
It’s about shedding your skins and masks.

Being an artist is about not being scared of critics and criticisms, including the unjustified and unqualified ones.
It’s about thinking aloud.
It’s about having a thick skin.

Being an artist is about realising that you are mortal.
It’s about grasping the reality that if you don’t share your truth today, you may never get the chance.
It’s about a burning desire to make the world a better place, sharing your work, paying it forward and helping others.

Being an artist is about being scared and doing it anyway.
It’s about embracing your fears.
And most importantly, it’s about realising that the work you put out there is bigger than you and can impact others in ways you have no capacity to really know or understand.

If you have something in you that you want to put out there, embrace your inner artist.
Embrace your fears.
Then do it.

Go be an artist.

Where you are born matters, but…

Where we are born has a huge impact on our future.
And the quality of our lives.

Those born in the West have a much better quality of life, and prospects, than those born elsewhere.
This is generalising of course, but by and large this is the truth for a huge portion of the population.
The majority in fact.

Warren Buffet, the legendary investor, is very clued on to this fact.
He knows that if he was born in a developing country, for instance, his future might have been very, very different.
This is where Warren Buffets’ ovarian lottery concept comes from.

And that’s just the reality.
But there’s a caveat.

Luck does play a part – the life we have isn’t entirely within our control.
But that does not mean we have no control.
We CAN do something – we can do our best.

We don’t have control over where we are born or most of the early part of our lives, but we do have the ability to change our future.
But only when we do something about it.

That is what sets the people at the top apart from the rest.
That’s how the people who make a dent in the universe do so.

If you are not where you want to be, do something about it.
Do whatever you can do.
Just start.