GPP EP # 28: What a Mosquito Bite Can Teach You About Dealing With Your Past

What a Mosquito Bite Can Teach You About Dealing With Your Past

Turns out a mosquito bite can teach you something very valuable about life, namely about dealing with your past.

Find out more about it in today’s episode.

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What you will learn:

  • What a mosquito bite can teach you about your past experiences

  • How you might be deliberately choosing unhappiness

  • What happens when you focus on negative memories

  • What does not change no matter how hard you try

  • What our perspective has to do with our experiences, and which perspective leads to a better life

  • What you can do about negative experiences you can’t put a positive spin on

  • What our focus has in common with a parking space

  • Why you need to let bygones be bygones

  • What you need to do to move forward and create a good life

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GPP EP # 27: Here Is What Success Is NOT All About

Here is what success is NOT all about

Learn about the most common misconception about success in today’s episode of the Growth Philosophy podcast.

Learning this is not just important, it is essential in order for you to have a better and happier life.

Listen to the talk to learn more.

What will you learn:
The most common myth about success
The problem with the incorrect definition of success
The reality about happiness
Why money is not everything
What money is, and is not
The question you need to ask yourself to have a good life

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GPP EP # 23: Your Essential Guide to Doomsurfing – What You Need to Know

Your Essential Guide to Doomsurfing - What You Need to Know

You might be falling into the trap of doomsurfing without even knowing, and that can negatively impact your health, wellbeing, and happiness.

Want to know more?

Then stay tuned, because that’s what today’s talk is all about.

Listen here to learn more. 

What will you learn:
  • What is doomsurfing

  • Why you need to know about it 

  • How it can affect you

  • How to deal with it (and stop doomsurfing)

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GPP EP # 21: 5 Reasons Who You Need to Try Mindfulness (Research-Backed)

5 Reasons Who You Need to Try Mindfulness

Why is mindfulness good for you?

Find out 5 major ways (research-backed) mindfulness can help you improve your life in this episode of the Growth Philosophy podcast.

Listen here.

Episode highlights:

  • How mindfulness helps with stress
  • How mindfulness helps with mood
  • How mindfulness helps with the immune system
  • How mindfulness helps with mental health
  • How mindfulness helps with recovery
  • How to get started practising mindfulness, and easily make it a daily habit

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Topics: Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Self care, Self help, Self improvement, Mental health, Mindset, Personal growth, Personal development, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anxiety tips, Stress tips, Emotional regulation, Happiness, Mood booster, Better mood, Health, Coronavirus, Immune system, Immune boosters, Health tips

How to exercise your “hope” muscle

Hope is an essential part of life.

Without hope, getting out of bed would be challenging.
The lack of it is often what differentiates those who get on with things despite challenges and setbacks, and those who stop trying.

Without hope, carrying on is difficult.
Having it is what enables us to carry on during difficult times, no matter how difficult things seem.

The absence of hope makes life unnecessarily hard.
Unnecessarily, because there is always a reason to have hope. Because even in the direst, most difficult of times, there are things to be hopeful about.

Even during the most chaotic, challenging, and unprecedented times, there are always things that can give us hope.
Like now, during this Coronavirus situation.

It is unprecedented.
It is confusing.
It is chaotic.

It seems like the whole world is in disarray.

No one really knows what’s going on, or how things will play out.
No one really knows how long this situation will last, or how much worse it will get.
There are theories, but no one really knows.

All this uncertainty is confusing, and can even be worrying.

But there is hope.
People ARE getting better – there are confirmed cases of recoveries.
Cases ARE declining in many regions – especially noteworthy being China and South Korea.
New treatments and vaccines ARE being developed to deal with it.
And governments around the world ARE starting to get a handle on it.

There are lots of reasons to have hope.
At times it can get challenging, exercising our hope muscle – remembering all the blessings in our lives helps.
A gratitude log is a good way to do that.

There is always hope.

Even if things are chaotic and uncertain, there will always be things that are normal and certain.
Even if this is the new normal, there are things for us to be thankful for.
Even if the world seems to be in chaos, there are things that we can do.

There are lots of things to be thankful for.
Even in the darkest of days.
Like the fact that you are breathing right now.
Thousands of people around the world die every minute, but you are still alive.
That is a huge blessing.

All of us are blessed with lots.
It is good to remember that.
Especially during challenging times such as this.

Remembering the many big and little things to be thankful for helps us have perspective.
It helps renew hope.
So it is a good idea to make it a daily practice.

Notice the beauty around you.
Notice the blessings within you.
For they are there.

Exercise your hope muscle.
Because there is always a reason to have hope.
No matter the situation.