New year, old you?

New year, new you.
A very common messaging for this time of the year.
But not necessarily a good one.
I don’t like the concept of “new” you.
It sends the wrong message (implies there’s something wrong with the “current” and “old” you).
It creates unrealistic expectations (puts this huge pressure on you to completely change who you are).
Moreover, it’s unnecessary (your “old” you is pretty good).
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the old you.
The old you survived until now.
If not thrived.
The old you learned useful lessons, and accumulated a lifetime of experiences.
Gained insights that help you to survive, and thrive.
Accumulated knowledge that helps you keep moving forward no matter what, and helps you make a life for yourself.
These lessons, insights, and experiences are of great value.
So why on earth would you need a “new” you?
You wouldn’t be who you are without the “old” you.
The old you isn’t bad.
It doesn’t need to be replaced or gotten rid of.
You don’t need a “new” you.
What you can do, though, is get better.
Life is about growth.
Aiming for growth, and improvement, is a much better goal than a complete overhaul.
Trying to be better is a great goal to have, and it capitalises on the valuable knowledge and experiences you’ve already gained.
So rather than a “new” you, aim for a “better” you.
That’s ultimately the more practical, and achievable, goal.
Not to mention better.
Aiming for better makes your life easier.
And ultimately, improves your life.
So on this first day of the new year, aim for “better” (and not “new”).
Here’s to a better you in 2020.
And an incredible new year.
I am excited for you.

Self care isn’t selfish

Self care isn’t a fad, it’s a necessary habit.
It’s a mindset that will help you to do more not just for yourself, but for others too.
Often self care is thought is as a selfish attitude.
But nothing could be further from the truth.
Looking after yourself does not make you a selfish person.
It makes you a smart person.
Because unless you look after yourself, you can’t look after others, not for long anyway.
Take care of yourself first.
Your wellbeing is important.

What can you do better?

There’s always room for improvement.
No matter how good you are, there are always ways you can improve.
No matter how well you do something, there’s always the potential to do better.
No matter how well you deal with challenges, there’s always the possibility to deal with them better.
It’s just the nature of growth – life is always expanding.
It is ever growing, and ever changing.
If you want to be the best, you need to find ways to keep getting better.
You need to find ways to keep growing.
You need to find ways to keep improving.
Because the alternative is becoming stagnant, outmoded, outdated, and even irrelevant.
Growth is an essential (and usually unavoidable) part of life.
So keep growing.

What to do if you want the best results

Your results are directly proportional to your efforts.
What you get is always going to be a reflection of what you put in.
So if you put in your best effort, you are best positioned to get the best results.
Conversely, if you put in just the bare minimum effort, you’ll get the bare minimum results.
The rule is nearly always universal:
Good effort in, good results out.
Bad efforts in, bad results out.
So if you want to be in a position to get the best results, the best outcome, you know what to do…
Do your best to get the best results.

What is the point of life?

What is the point of life?
Self awareness and fulfillment?
Taking care of ourselves?
But they can’t be the point of life, and I will elaborate why below.
Self care, self love, self awareness, etc are all important because at the end of the day if you don’t take care of yourself you will be of no good to anyone.
But that can’t be, and is not, the end goal. Because if all we did was take care of ourselves, made ourselves happy and then died when our time was up – it would be a very meaningless existence.
For everyone else, it would be as if the person never existed.
No, I believe our existence far precedes our own needs and wants.
Our existence is about making a difference.
A life spent in pursuit of only one’s own happiness doesn’t lead to a life of meaning, a life spent in the pursuit of making a difference does.
Steve Jobs’ quote about making a dent in the universe is one of my favourite quotes.
We are all here to make a dent in the universe.
Some will make bigger dents than others, and that’s ok.
The point isn’t about who makes a bigger dent, but rather about making a dent, a difference.
How we do that is up to us.
Making a difference is what makes humans such an incredible race.
It is what makes the world such a great place.
It is what makes life worthwhile, and worth living.
Make your dent in the universe.