Self care isn’t selfish

Self care isn’t a fad, it’s a necessary habit.
It’s a mindset that will help you to do more not just for yourself, but for others too.
Often self care is thought is as a selfish attitude.
But nothing could be further from the truth.
Looking after yourself does not make you a selfish person.
It makes you a smart person.
Because unless you look after yourself, you can’t look after others, not for long anyway.
Take care of yourself first.
Your wellbeing is important.

What can you do better?

There’s always room for improvement.
No matter how good you are, there are always ways you can improve.
No matter how well you do something, there’s always the potential to do better.
No matter how well you deal with challenges, there’s always the possibility to deal with them better.
It’s just the nature of growth – life is always expanding.
It is ever growing, and ever changing.
If you want to be the best, you need to find ways to keep getting better.
You need to find ways to keep growing.
You need to find ways to keep improving.
Because the alternative is becoming stagnant, outmoded, outdated, and even irrelevant.
Growth is an essential (and usually unavoidable) part of life.
So keep growing.

How to get a handle on your emotions

Most things in our lives are out of our control.
But one thing that we do have some control over is how we deal with things, i.e. our reactions/emotions.
But even that takes work.

Controlling your emotions doesn’t happen automatically.
It requires knowing and understanding them.
That takes effort and practice.

If you want to get better at controlling and managing your anger, for instance, you need to understand your anger.
You need to really understand your triggers, what helps and what doesn’t.

If you want to master patience, you need to understand what things you find easy to be patient with.
You can learn from them, and emulate in other areas of your life.

If you want to be happier, you need to understand what makes you happy and do more of those.

And so on.
You get the idea.

Trying to be better at managing emotions isn’t easy.
It is possible though, but only when you understand them.
Awareness and understanding are vital.

The only thing in our lives that we can control is our reaction.
But only when we understand them.

Giving up is not the same as facing reality

Pragmatism is important.
But is not the same as giving up.
The difference can often be a very thin line…
Facing reality is when you stop doing something because you know for certain that continuing on that path is pointless.
Giving up is where you stop doing something not because you’ve exhausted every avenue and there is nothing more to be done.
One leads to progress.
The other does the opposite.
Learn to know the difference.

Embracing your inner artist, and what it means

Being an artist is not just about painting, or singing, or something similar.
Everyone can be an artist.

Being an artist is about understanding that art isn’t just about painting or music, but that anyone who embraces their truth and puts their work out there is an artist.

It’s about being true to yourself.
It’s about honesty and integrity.
It’s about standing up for what you believe in.

Being an artist is about putting what you believe in, and your truth, out there.
It’s about being open and vulnerable.
It’s about shedding your skins and masks.

Being an artist is about not being scared of critics and criticisms, including the unjustified and unqualified ones.
It’s about thinking aloud.
It’s about having a thick skin.

Being an artist is about realising that you are mortal.
It’s about grasping the reality that if you don’t share your truth today, you may never get the chance.
It’s about a burning desire to make the world a better place, sharing your work, paying it forward and helping others.

Being an artist is about being scared and doing it anyway.
It’s about embracing your fears.
And most importantly, it’s about realising that the work you put out there is bigger than you and can impact others in ways you have no capacity to really know or understand.

If you have something in you that you want to put out there, embrace your inner artist.
Embrace your fears.
Then do it.

Go be an artist.