The fellowship of the rings (and the power of connections)

I’m a big fan of Tolkien’s work, especially Lord of the rings. Was actually (re)watching the Two Towers last night.
One of the most important takeaway from that movie, for me, was the power of connections:
  1. The fellowship of the ring, the team that was created to put an end to the evil ring of power, is what ultimately led to its destruction. The ring bearer, Frodo, had the most important role, goes without saying. But, he would have failed many times over if it had not been for the support of the other members of the fellowship, as well as the other collections he forged along the way.
  2. Gandalf, one of the key protagonists, was as effective as he was not just because he was a very powerful wizard, but also (if not mainly) because of the connections and alliances he had.
  3. Aragorn – the king of kings (as he was due to his birthright) was one of the most important characters, and the one without whom all might still have been lost even when the war had been won by the humans. He was really effective (and was able to save the world) not because of his birthright, which was useful, but mainly because of the connections he had. Because of his close connection with two of the elf royal houses he could get help from not one but two elf armies/kingdoms. Because of his friendship with Gimli he had access to support from at least one dwarf army. And because of his birthright he had access to the (human) armies of Gondor, and support of the Rohirrim, as well as the army of the dead.
  4. And so on.
As the movie made very clear, over and over, none of the characters who achieved significant feats achieved any of them without support.
And it is true in life as well.
The connections we make, the alliances and friendships we forge, has the power to shape our destiny, and our ability to make a dent in the universe.
Who you know matters, a lot.
Because no matter how capable you are, you can’t do everything alone.
Especially if you want to achieve something big, and significant.
Connecting with others matter.
Often way more than you can know.
So, connect.
And do so meaningfully.

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