The impact of old thoughts and beliefs

Old thoughts and beliefs affect you way more than you think they do.

Our brains are amazing, astounding, incredible machines.
No computer has yet been invented that can come anywhere close to the computing power of our brain.

Incredible machine that it is, it automates as many of the daily decisions as possible.
This is important, as otherwise we would have to consciously decide even basic actions like inhaling and exhaling. Imagine going to sleep if you had to consciously decide those things. You might not wake up!

Here’s the flip side to that: our brains nearly always uses past experiences as reference, as those are the only reference points it has.
This is not always good.
It is easy, but that automated mode does make us lazy, complacent, and worse. This how we end up with prejudices and limited beliefs.

The shortcuts our brain uses are great, even essential, but not when it stops us for evaluating the negative and useless thoughts and beliefs we have.

If you want to do better, and be better, you need to think for yourself.
Don’t believe something to be true just because that’s what you’ve always known.
You have the power to evaluate and assess the thoughts and beliefs you have, so utilise that.

Think for yourself.

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