The impact our focus has on our lives

Today something reminded me about how what we focus on persists – both good and bad.
If our focus is on the good and the positives, the good and the positives will occur more.
But if our focus is on all that is bad and negative, the negatives will persist.
This is one of the reasons why mental health challenges like anxiety and depression often get worse, because people focus on the anxiety and low mood and dread, and they keep avoiding things.
But avoidance isn’t what helps us get through those challenges, it’s the opposite that’s required.
So if you’re anxious about going out into crowded places, for example, guess what the only way is to get over that anxiety…
Yes, it is putting yourself in that situation.
When we switch our focus from what’s bad to what’s good, from what’s uncomfortable to what’s helpful and useful and will improve our lives, we start moving forward.
Our focus can and always does determine the quality of our lives. So if the life you’re living right now isn’t the one you want or like, examine what you’re focusing on.
Change your focus, and you can change your life.

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