The lack of sun

Today started off as dark, cloudy, cold and windy.
In the space of an hour the sun comes out, and the sky transforms into this thing of beauty.
Not that it wasn’t beautiful before.
It’s interesting how the sun being out is what I consider beautiful. As do most people.
I have yet to meet someone who celebrates having a cloudy, downcast day.
It’s normal. It’s a belief that’s installed when we’re very young, a belief system the whole society supports. Thus so much about happiness and joy is attached to bright and sunny weather.
But, it’s not a practical attitude. Especially if it gets in the way of doing things, and being who you need to be.
Because the weather is something we have no control over.

What we do have any control over is how we react to it.
Bright or dark, a day is a day if you think about it. So why should it change how we do things? Or how we feel?
A better way to react is to appreciate every day as it comes.
Because even the fact that we get to see the day is something to be grateful for. Not everyone in the world will be so lucky.
Do what you need to do.
Don’t let the lack of sun get in the way.

A day is a day is a day…

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