The problem with black and white thinking

Thinking in absolutes, just black and white, all or nothing – often isn’t the best way of thinking.

Here’s the main challenge with black and white thinking: the world is not all black and white.
In fact, it’s full of grey areas.

If your way of thinking and being only allows for absolutes, it will lead to confusions, distractions, and miscommunications.
Lots of them.
More than that, that way of thinking ends up causing far too much stress, anxiety and unhappiness.

Black and white thinking has been one of my own challenges, so I have a fair amount of first hand experience.
If black and white is your way of thinking, take hope in the fact that it can be changed.
You can indeed improve your way of thinking, and being.
I’ve done it – I have gotten much better at that, so I know you can too.

Changing the way you think and process information doesn’t happen overnight, but noticing and acknowledging it is the first step.
And practice is key.
Practice noticing the grey areas – overtime you will get better at it.

The world is full of grey areas, so stop thinking in terms of absolutes.
Learn to be flexible.

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