The uncertainty paradox

Uncertainties are as much a part of life as life itself, if not more.
It’s existence is as true as our need for oxygen, or our want for social interaction, or the many other facts of our lives. Albeit not as welcome as many of those.
Uncertainties are unavoidable.
We can fight then all we want, but they just are a part of being.
Uncertainties are a paradox.
We don’t want any, but there is nothing we can do to avoid them for version.
Uncertainties are part and parcel of being alive.
The only time we can truly count on not having any uncertainties in our lives is when we cease to be alive.
Life is uncertain.
It’s just how it is.
Uncertainties aren’t all bad though.
They keep our lives interesting and fun and spontaneous.
They help us stretch our comfort zones.
They help us grow and improve.
Every cloud does have a silver lining, it just takes time and patience sometimes to notice that.
Uncertainties are a part of life.
We can either run away from them, which only makes things more challenging, makes life stressful, etc.
Or we can embrace this truth, stay flexible and learn to roll with the punches.
Guess which option makes life just that much easier…

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