The very human urge to “do”

Doing things is a big part of being human.
Maybe it’s an evolutionary imperative, part of our original programming.
Or maybe it’s an urge we were born with.
Whatever the cause, it is there. This urge.
There is a reason why we get restless when there’s a lack of activity.
It’s a double edged sword though – this urge to do things. If you know how to channel it effectively, to benefit you and the world, to help you move forward and make progress, this programming is a massive resource.
After all, this is what enabled Leonardo Da Vinci to not just create art but also make significant contributions to many other fields.
This is what enabled Picasso to create over 50,000 pieces of art.
This is what enabled all the greatest and the best of the world to do an incredible amount of work.
This urge to “do” things is behind any, and every, prolific people in the world.
Each and every person who has achieved ANYTHING, made ANY sort of impact, did so because of this desire to make things happen and “DO”.
Here’s the flip side: all the bad things people do is also born out of this desire to “do”. Idle brain, devil’s workshop, and all that…
The urge to “do” isn’t inherently good or bad – how you channel it determines the outcome.
Focus your urge to “do” (which often becomes an obsession) towards making progress and having a positive impact.
Have a plan on all the things that need to happen, then channel the urge – during the times you get it – towards those.
Decide how you will use this force of nature that is part of you.
Channel your urge to “do” towards moving forward.
Make your dent in the universe ✌️

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