Too much of worrying is bad for you

Worrying is a normal part of life.
Everyone worries – some more, some less.
The worrying instinct is useful, even important, as not worrying at all can make us develop blind spots to obvious dangers.
So it is an useful instinct.

But worrying becomes a problem when it’s done too much.
So the issue isn’t worry, but too much worry.
Like nearly everything in life, too much of worrying is bad for us.

Too much worry limits our ability to do the things we need, and want, to do.
Too much worry can severely limit our progress (even stop it in its tracks!).
Too much worry weakens our immune system and makes us more likely to get sick.
Too much worry gives rise to mental health problems like depression and anxiety.
Too much worry is bad for us – for far too many reasons.

Worrying is useful – but too much of it is counterproductive.

Here’s the irony to worrying too much – what will happen, will happen. Worrying incessantly about it will not change the outcome.
What might change the outcome, however, is actually doing something about it.

The only thing we can do is the best we can do.
As for the rest – there’s really no point worrying.

Having worry is useful.
But not when (or if) it overpowers you.

The best thing you can do, the only thing really, is to do what you need to do, and can do.
Give it your best.
Then stop worrying about it.
Because what will happen will happen, and there’s really no point in overthinking the future.

Just get on with it.
That’s the only way you stand any chance of having any impact.

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