What you can learn from Killer Whales about risk

I was watching a nature documentary earlier, featuring killer whales.
They often get beached while hunting sea lions. And that’s the end of them.

It’s not as of they have a death wish, or do it because they’re stupid – killer whales in fact are one of the smartest mammals on Earth.
They do it because the rewards justify the risk.
Because not getting food can cause death – slower maybe, but an ignominious end nonetheless.

Thankfully for us we are very fortunate, and are not put in do or die situations like that all the time.
Maybe that’s why we have become complacent.

The concept of risk is often ostracised, and demonized.
Risk is bad, they say.
Risk is scary, they say.
Risk can kill you, they say.

But the thing is if you don’t take risks, you don’t get any rewards either.

Everything we do, big or small, involves risk.
So it’s not that we don’t take risks. But rather that most are not comfortable taking big risks.
Here’s the irony, the big risks are what it takes to get the big results.

If you have big goals, dreams and ambitions – guess what one of the most important requirement is for achieving them.

No risk no reward isn’t just a proverb, it’s a fact of life.

So try to take a leaf out of the killer whales page – realise that taking risks is a natural part of life.
Especially if you want to do more than just survive.

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