When the easy way is not the best way

All of us like things easy.
And simple.
And straightforward.
It’s a common tendency among all living beings, not just humans.
No one likes complicated.
And that makes sense – life is short, so who would want to favour something complicated over simple and straightforward?
Simple and straightforward is good.
Easy is nice and pleasant.
This, however, becomes an issue when we face challenges and setbacks.
When life gets hard, and throws us curve balls.
The usual response to such scenarios is to bury ones head in the sand.
To hope for things to go away, sort themselves out.
To take the easy way out.
The thing is the easy way, rarely ever however, is the best way when faced with challenges.
Or even an ok way.
Because, nearly every time, not taking responsibility results in unfavorable outcomes.
Outcomes that, more often than not, leave you worse off.
It’s hard, facing challenges.
It’s hard, taking responsibilities.
It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone.
But that is what it takes to get out of a fix.
That is what it takes to deal with setbacks and challenges.
This path, the path that involves getting your head out of the sand and taking responsibility, rarely ever is pleasant.
But it’s the path that leads to the most, and best, outcomes.
Because face it, you can bury your head in the sand all you want, that won’t make the challenge go away.
Even though you might think it will.
The easy way is comfortable.
And tempting.
But it’s not ultimately the best path for you.
The hard way is uncomfortable.
And usually scary.
But it is what ultimately will improve your life, and lead to the life you want.
One path favours short term comfort over long term pain.
The other does the opposite.
Guess which path is the best one for you.

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