Why it is essential to keep an open mind

Being open minded opens the world to us.

It is only when someone’s mind is open that they can really see things for what they are.
It is only when someone’s mind is open that they can truly experience things.
It is only when someone’s mind is open that they can really listen, and accept things for what they are (rather than what they want it to be).

Truly open minds are essential for discovery and exploration, because without an open mind it would be difficult – if not impossible – to notice things, especially things that do not fit our current knowledge base or paradigm.
Without an open mind coming up with new ideas and discoveries are nigh near impossible.

Open minds embrace the new and different.
Closed minds are scared of new and different, and run away from them.

Open minds promote tolerance, acceptance, harmony, learning and discovery.
Open minds make the world a better place.

Closed minds, on the other hand, promote aggression, suspicion, mistrust, ignorance and bias.
Closed minds make the world a more difficult place to live in.

Open minds are essential for enlightenment.
Closed minds repel that.

Open minds are necessary for making this world a better place, because closed minds are terrible at understanding and accepting perspectives and realities different from theirs.

It is only by keeping an open mind that we can move forward, help others, achieve our dreams and make a difference.

So the next time you come across something new or different, don’t jump to your automated responses and biases.

Keep your mind open.

The world needs more open minds.

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