Why we need to exercise our rights and freedoms responsibly

The freedoms we have are fundamental rights most of us expect, and accept, and take for granted.
Be it the freedom to make our own choices, freedom to speak our mind, freedom to lead our lives according to our beliefs and preferences, and so on.

And for most parts these are great – life would be incredibly more challenging without these basic freedoms, freedoms that are now our basic rights.

But like every coin has an opposite side, there are times when these freedoms are taken too far.
Like when people feel entitled to exercise their freedom of speech on the form of hate speech and related activities (eg. fundamentalism) and/or expressing views designed to harm and hurt others (eg. trolls).

The freedoms we enjoy today, the ones we so take for granted, are only good as long as we exercise them responsibly.
These freedoms are not entitlements, but valuable rights – rights one is entitled to only as long as the person is not encroaching on someone else’s rights.

Checks and balances like morality and laws are there for a reason – they are there to remind us that in the same way our freedoms are precious to us, everyone else’s freedoms are precious too.
No person’s freedoms and rights are more important than someone else’s.

Exercise your rights and freedoms responsibly.

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