Why you should think twice before getting more “stuff”

Having a lot doesn’t make you happy.
Contrary to popular belief.
Just buying more and more “stuff” is not the panacea that retailers and shops and newspapers etc (and society to a large extent) would have you believe.
Retail therapy makes some people happy, but that happiness is short lived.
And it’s superficial.
Also, it doesn’t work for most people.
Here’s what having a lot of things does do:
It’s a sure fire recipe for getting into debt. There’s a reason why we have a debt crisis…
It causes you more stress. The more you have, the more you stand to lose, so the more things you have to worry about.
It causes clutter. Even the biggest house can fill up after a time.
Most of the things you have, and want to have, don’t provide much benefit.
Those that do, can and usually do lose their impact after a time.
So it makes sense to declutter, and de-junk.
And it makes sense to get less “stuff”.
You don’t need the absolute latest version of the new smartphone or TV or whatever gadget etc it is that you love.
Latest isn’t the best. Nor is it usually necessary.
Just because you see something being raved about or advertised does not mean you need it.
Having less has been proven, categorically, to have a positive impact on your wellness.
Having less has a direct correlation to happiness.
There’s a reason why the world’s happiest people usually have little “stuff”.
I’m not saying you should go full monk.
What I am suggesting is that you think before you get more stuff.
And reduce the number of stuff you already have.
Think for yourself.

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