Work for the sake of work, and its dangers

The world today revolves around work.
Everything is designed to work with the nine to five schedule.
Shops open in the morning in time for the pre-nine o’clock rush.
Shops close to accommodate workers after their workday.
The same applies to basically everything – from transport to street lights. Everything runs around this schedule.
Makes sense.
After all, if the majority of the population runs to a particular schedule, it is only sensible for most services and businesses to run at those times.
This is all great and good until work is done only for the sake of work.
The nine to five routine is run not with any particular end in mind, but just for the sake of it.
To pay the bills.
That is how work becomes a hamster wheel.
This is the reason why many end up with regrets.
Regretful of missed opportunities, of what could have happened, of what could have been.
We get so engrossed with the day to day things that we lose sight of the bigger picture.
We start some work, with plans to get to our dreams at some time in the future, but that time never comes.
Before we know it our time comes to an end and all our dreams and aspirations are left unmet.
Work for works sake doesn’t get you the life of your dreams.
Unless, of course, the work you do is your dream.
Then you are one of the lucky few.
But for most, work is a means to an end.
An end that can’t be forgotten about. Because forgetting about the end goal is how people end up without regrets.
Keep your end goal in mind.
Don’t lose sight of what’s important.

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